Love Your Belly


Kate Codrington

Kate Codrington

I have been working with massage for more than 20 years and am passionate about women’s health. The Love Your Belly workshops grew out of my delight in finding a connection with my womb and the way I now feel grounded, aligned with my purpose and full of beans. It is delightful working together with Leora, we have so much fun together and the compassion and connection we feel encircles the groups as women grow and heal.

You can find out more about my work on my website or join me on Facebook or Twitter.

“I want every women to feel comfortable in her skin and to enjoy the experience of being alive in her body”


Leora LeboffLeora Leboff

Seeing many of the women I work with find themselves, find direction, often finding their purpose, all through making a connection to their sacred feminine nature is such a complete joy. Especially as this is the beautiful road I’ve also been travelling. Working with Kate, sharing our passion and all that comes with the Love Your Belly experience is truly a delight.

You can find out more about my work from my website or join me on Facebook and see my daily ‘chart art’ on Instagram.

“Once you connect to your inner feminine – freedom, creativity and beauty is there to be discovered and cherished”