Love Your Belly

Natural Care for Menopause

Love Your Menopause Workshop

Wednesday 1st November 2017

Watford Quaker meeting House

This workshop is for any woman who is curious to understand more about the adventure into peri-menopause and menopause. At the ‘Love Your Menopause’ workshop we will be showing you how to massage your belly and sharing natural health tips for you to integrate into your everyday life. There will be guided visualisations, womb yoga, time to reflect on your transition and what it means for you as well as support from like-minded women.

The gentle self-love we’re offering has a number of benefits for women 40+, it can help to –

Reconnect you with your creative energies

Reduce stress which is the major hormone disruptor

Help you to be kinder to yourself

Find real-life solutions for your symptoms

Feel the beginnings of your kick-ass, no holds barred real self!

“Menopause is an ending and a beginning, a time in which a woman deeply examines who she is, what she has done and who she now wants to be.”

Alexandra Pope

The workshop is open to all women, especially if you are 40+ and are looking for natural remedies for peri-menopause and menopause. There have never been so many powerful menopausal women on the planet as there are now, imagine what could happen if we all stepped up consciously together?!

Full price £85

Self-care belly massage

Learn to massage your belly, a practice that can help improve digestion and hormonal problems by improving muscle tone, circulation and lymph flow. It will also help you develop a kindly relationship with your belly and peri-menopausal cycle.

Womb Blessing

You will receive an individual womb energiser; deeply nourishing for the divine feminine. This is open to any woman whether menstruating, not menstruating, post menopause or post-hysterectomy.

Womb Yoga

Learn pleasurable, womanly movement that you can use to ground and centre yourself in our busy world. Unlike many other kinds of yoga and exercise womb yoga allows you to explore what feels juicy for your body, wherever you are in the menopausal process. In combination with the massage you have a powerful tool to re-engage with yourself.

Exploring menopause

We will explore the five chambers of menopause in a guided process that can reveal where you are in a time of baffling change, and give you insight into the tasks you need to take care of to smooth the way to the other side.

Natural Health Tips

Find a wealth of natural solutions to help you manage your hormonal issues.

You can find more information about menopause well-being here.


If you’re not menopausal and would like to come to a Watford Love Your Belly workshop instead we have

FREE online event – July

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